This summer...Häagen-Dazs for free at innoci showroom !

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  Hi, evereybody

  In this very high temperature summer

  Innoci give you a freezing offer “Hi Shopping Season” as below ↓↓↓

  Freezing Period: 2017 August 5 - September 3

  Freezing 01:

  You can get Luck Draw when scan and follow innoci offical WeChat;

  Freezing 02:

  “Buy one get one free” & “Buy four get three”

  Buy toilet get paper holder free; Buy vanity get faucet free; Buy bathtub and shower set get towel rail free; Buy vanity set get shower set and accessories free.

  Freezing 03:

  Luck Draw for SIEMENS refrigerator, GREE air conditioner, Cash Refund and Häagen-Dazs Coupon when purchase amount above RMB5000. Limited quantity...GOOD LUCK...