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  In a medieval church with over 600-year- history

  The most-coveted location for Emirates Airlines’s events

  Witness Dongpeng’s appreciation dinner in its 45th anniversary

  40 domestic distributors and more than 60 overseas business partners from countries cross five continents


  An Epoch-Making Milestone

  Belongs to All of Us

  As time goes by, Dongpeng’s international business has drawn worldwide attention as it always takes the leading position in continuous innovation. In compliance with the strategies in overseas branding and product development, Dongpeng would like to seize this opportunity to join hands with more competitive forces for embracing a brand new chapter.

  As part of Dongpeng’s journey in the 2017 CERSEIA EXHIBITION, the well-organized grand appreciation banquet started at 6:30 pm local time in SYMPO EX CHIESA, aiming to carry on the most precious virtue of thankfulness towards the business partners who supported us all the time.

  Show ingenuity to have great originality

  Originality was fully embodied throughout the great party

  An eye-catching KV board for signature creatively designed with Dongpeng’s poster pattern led our guests into a fantastic adventure of originality.

  Before the dinner, our guests gathered in a fair garden for cocktails, strolling, chatting and savoring the tasty food and wine.

  Surrounded by the melodious rhyme lingering in our ears, the Triki Trak Band was reinterpreting their original songs (歌曲名),allowing audiences to be completely enchanted by the charm of traditional Italian swing music.

  After the main course, Italian pastry chef made a 45th anniversary cake on the spot for all guests. Mr. Gong, the chief executive of Dongpeng, decorated the cake with the number of 45, making it an unforgettable and meaningful moment of the night.

  As party went on, the atmosphere was propelled into a climax by the opening speeches.

  Zhiyun Gong, the chief executive of Dongpeng, extended his warm welcome and best wishes to every participant at present. After the welcome speech, Mr. Gong is given a bunch of beautiful flowers from Dp’s Thailand business partner, Grand home mart.

  Gangcheng Ou, the GM of DP Domestic Marketing Department, shared his interesting and impressive experiences in the tour of studying in Italy.

  Denny Woo, the GM of DP International Business Department, elaborated on DP’s aspiration for internationalized strategic development down the road. At the end of the speech, he expressed his most sincere thanks to every participant on site.

  Dongpeng rounded off its tremendous appreciation dinner as the sweet night fell. In the years to come, Dongpeng, as always, will be committed to deepening the understanding on global integration, promoting win-win outcome and fueling the longstanding development of Chinese Ceramic Tiles Industry.


  Coming Soon

  One More Surprise

  Worthy of Expectation

  Would you love to know more about us? In the coming days, we will give you an introduction of Dongpeng’s hero products exhibited in 2017 CERSAIE EXHIBITON. Please stay tuned!