Important | Innoci has build up long-term business relations

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  Bathroom space leader which to provide one-stop bathroom solutions for consumers——innoci, has signed authorization contract with Hong Kong CheungHing Building Material & Engineering Company on 16 October 2017. The General Manager Mr. Ng, Manager Mr. Lau from HK CheungHing, and Vice General Manager Sam, Business Development Team Leader Peter from Innoci, who attended this signing ceremony, also reach strategic cooperation agreement for long term business relationship.

  Innoci has signed exclusive agency agreement to Hong Kong and Macao area. The purpose is to put Innoci brand and sanitary products,with art design and German element,into Hong Kong and Macao mainstream high-end bathroom market in a better way, and also let more consumer groups to fully understand Innoci products and brand.

  Hong Kong CheungHing Building Material & Engineering Company, has keep close cooperation with long-term high-end designer groups in Hong Kong and Macao regions , with products, technology, supply chain management, construction, service and resource advantages, integrated the humanized service to allow consumers to enjoy the peace of mind.

  Innoci uphold the concept of “human-oriented”,pursue the target of hygiene, health, comfort, and also provide customized, multi-functional for customers, this idea coincides with Hong Kong CheungHing each other.

  In the future, we will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of bathroom space design, to provide consumers with more humane and personalized choice.