1.     Body of faucet: According to international standard, use brass as material, produce in gravity casting, the casting crystal is refined and high strength, hardness and abrasive resistance.

2.     Faucet surface: pattern plating (protect the product via nickel-plate and chromium-plate and provide the shiny surface), the thickness is 12-13um.

3.     Surface test: via three tests

Salt spray test: test the damp resistance of plating, via 24 hours salt spray test.

        Heat-cold test: test the building force of plating.

        Plating thickness test: test the rot resistance of plating.

4.    Valve core is the core part of a faucet, it is used for controlling the on/off and the flow of water.

The body is the main body part of a faucet, it is the frame to install the parts which is controlling the water in/out/stop.

The bubbler is used for controlling all the elements of water output such as shape, flow and pressure in order the make the water coming out without bifurcate, feels gentle and looks elegance.

The bubbler has two common types, one is exposed and the other is hidden. Installing the bubbler, the faucet can become clean, convenience, long life cycle and good rust resistance.

Handle is the part for the user to control the valve core, the turn on/off the faucet and it can also adjust the flow.

Changeover valve can change the water supply input, there are 2-change or 3-change valve, it also can change automatically or manually.


Base on the structure, closestool can divide into:

Split type closestool

Split type closestool’s water tank is separated from pedestal. The water tank is connecting the back of pedestal with some tighten screws. There are some sealing plastic between the pedestal and water tank which can prevent water drops out.

The feature of Split type closestool: water tank is installed in a higher place, the water level is higher, which means the hydraulic pressure is heavier, thus, there is easier to clean the closestool. Because the water tank and pedestal have separated production lines, it cause higher rates of finished products and easier to produce, as a result, the price is cheaper.

Integral closestool

This type of closestool is an integrated one, no separated parts, so it have a good looks. However, it is much more difficult to produce, lower rates of finished products, as a result, it have higher price in the market.

Wall-hang type closestool

There are two types of wall-hang type closestool, wall-hang and on-the-ground. It use the flushing valve instead of water tank, save the time of impounding, is continuous useable and it provide convenience on cleaning. It is concealed water tank with a clean and tidy looks, but it is hard to replace.


The unloading system of closestool can divide into:

Wash-down type

Use the impact force of the water flow to flush the closestool. This type of closestool always has a steep side wall, there are limited water inside the urinal. This type of product is main European product structure, the biggest advantage is its water flow is less than other types, however, its noise is bigger. Install is much more elasticity, the requirement of space is loose.

Siphon type

Its structure just like the other siphon type unloading systems, the only difference is that our supply pipe is buried under the urinal and straight down to the bottom. For adapting the requirement of pipe, water tank and urinal are an integrated one. The biggest advantage is that it uses vortex and siphon: vortex can provide strong centripetal force, spin the sewage into the vortex, then discharge them through siphoned power, the whole flushing process is quick and complete and it has less smell and noise.

Siphon-jet type

Siphon-jet type is improved from siphon type. The change is that it add a jet port, which can improve the power of water flow, meanwhile it improved the speed of discharging sewage. The area of water covered is bigger than other type, it has a strict standard of the deep of water, and it is good at reducing the smell and preventing splash out. Furthermore, the jet water flow is working under water so that the noise is limited.

Base on the space between the device and the wall, closestool can divide into:

Ground discharging (S): 200mm

Ground discharging (S): 305mm

Ground discharging (S): 400mm     

Wall discharging turn into Ground discharging (S/P): Flexible space (can discharge through wall or ground).


1.    Base on ways to install, Basin can divide into:

Wall-hang type: This is a space saving type, should pay attention on the screw and holder which is holding the part in the wall if it loose or not, it might fall down because screw loosed. This type adapt to discharge pipe in the wall.

Pallet type: The support on the leg is much stronger, it is not easy to be out of shape, and they always have good looks.

Table type: It can also divide into on-table type and in-table type. In-table table type is installed in the table, which is easier to clean and wash.


2.    Basin have three hole:

Faucet hole;  Overflow hole;  Discharge hole.

3.    According to the faucet installing, faucet installed hole can divide into:

No hole: Usually this type is for in-table type basin, the faucet is usually installed on the wall or on the table.

Single hole: Cold and heat water goes into a same pipe, there are threads at the bottom of faucets, those faucets can stable on the hole through nuts.

Triple hole: triple hole have two sizes: 4 inches and 8 inches. It can set up with single – handle faucet or double – handle faucet (including 4 inches and 8 inches two sizes each). Cold and heat water go into different pipe, the evelet is on two sides of the faucet.


Bathtub can divide in to:

Base on model:

Skirt or no-skirt

Base on shape:

Heart shape, circle shape, oval shape, square shape and triangle shape.

Base on function:

Normal bathtub, massage bathtub. Massage bathtub can also divide into bubble type, hydrotherapy type and air-hydrotherapy type.

Base on raw materials:

Cast iron bathtub: Use moulding process, produce the rudiment and then burn the glaze in high temperature, form a hard and wearproof enamel coating.

Characteristics: Shiny and hard, wearproof, low noise, stable, durable, prevent sewage, easy to clean and long lifecycle. Its heat preservation is good, it is suit to take a long time bath. However, it is too complex and expensive to produce, have limited shape and limited color.

Acrylic bathtub: The other name is polymethyl methacrylate, also call organic glass.

Characteristics: Shiny surface, hard, wearproof, heatproof, heat preservation and easy to clean. The strongest point of this kind of bathtub is its strong plasticity so that it can make many different shapes which can satisfy majority of consumers.

Steel plate bathtub: It is produced by a 2mm-thick steel plate which go through stamping and enameling.

Characteristics: There is a glazing and enameling on the surface, most of this kind of bathtub usually have a shallow deep, and stamping cost is high, as a result of limited shapes, simple and lack of heat preservation.

Artificial stone: The main material is artificial stone, it is polish manually.

Characteristics: This kind of material has good stability, steady life cycle, firm and tenacious and outstanding looks. It is wearproof, easy to clean, easy to maintain and good durability.