1、How do I choose a faucet

1.  Style  Make sure that the faucet suits the wash basin, sink and bathtub. It must match the single fixing hole of the washbasin, the 4-inch size matches to the 8-inch hole.
2.  There generously have 3 kinds of faucets' style:  single handle
(the hot water and the cold water mix together)、double handle( separate switch for hot water and  cold water )、disconnected-type(separate switch for hot water and  cold water,mainly designed for the bathtub).
3.  Faucet accessories and advantages of Innoci faucet

Spool:Innoci Spool is European imported ceramic valve core which owns about five hundred thousand times lifespan

Bubble: imported of NEOPERL it is a plastic bubble reactor core group, in order to prevent water splash and rustiness in the process of using.

4.  Basic metals material

Main material of Innoci faucet is brass which is rustless, incorrosive to ensure its durability .

5.  Varieties in functions 

Generally divided into regular type, constant temperature type, sensor type etc...

For example: constant temperature faucets is to prevent burn while sensor type to prevent wastage of water, it is clean and easy to use.

6.  Varieties inusage
kitchen faucet

Shower faucet


Console mode

Buried in wall type double handle or three handle

Sensor faucet

Other types of water faucet: bidet faucet, washing machine faucet, angle valve...

7.  Varieties in installation
Over the counter type with single handle (the hot water and the cold water mix together in the faucet)、double handle(a separate switch for hot water and a separate switch for the cold water)、disconnect-type( three, four or five-hole type, also separating switch for the cold water and hot water,which is mainly used for the bathtub ).

 Wall-hang type, mostly 6 inch(150mm), whose water inlet pipe buried in the walls.
 Floor type( vertical ), its water inlet pipe also buried in the walls.
 Wall-in type, faucet body buried in the wall, it requests thicker wall.
8.  Drainage device configuration
There is a hole on the inner basin for water overflow discharge, so that we could distinguish if it is an overflow discharge basin.

The launching device must be selected according to the basin. The launching device is classified into pressing type, flipping type and pulling type...

2、How do I choose a toilet

Glaze: A good closestool should have a smooth and shiny glaze with an excellent saturation. It is necessary to check if the sewer is rough or not, a rough sewer may cause sewer block easier.

Quality:A good closestool should be produced in high temperature. During the production of closestool, burning in high temperature can decrease the water absorption which means the closestool does not absorb sewage easily and produce peculiar smell. The closestools in middle and low level quality always have a high water absorption rate which will cause odour and not easy to clean. After a long time of using it, the closestool will have cracks and water leaking.

How to check: knock the closestool by hands and listen to the sound, if the sound is not clear, it might have cracks inside or it lacks of burning during production.

Caliber: The glazing inside will help a smooth performance, the unloading pipe should have a suitable size of caliber with a smooth and shiny glazing. The unloading system should be powerful enough in flushing so as to clean those hanging dirt, and prevent the pipe block effectively.

How to check: Put your hand into the closestool caliber, the size just suits the palm or is bigger than the palm will be the best.

Fittings: Fittings decide the life cycle of a closestool directly. The quality of fittings between good and normal closestool have significant differences. Almost all the closestool users have the experience of broken fittings which cause water pollution, thus, do not forget to check the fittings when purchasing closestool.

How to check: Press the button deeply, if the sound of button is loud and clear, the fittings are the best.

Weight: The heavier the better, a normal closestool is about 25kgs, a good closestool is about 50kgs. Because of the high temperature when producing the good closestool, the closestool is almost full-vitreous, thus, the weight will become heavier.

How to check: Weigh the cover of water tank.

Flushing: A closestool should have the flushing function basically. Wash-down type and siphon wash-down type have an excellent performance of cleaning and washing, but the noise is louder; vortex type have more water consumption, but it is much quiet. We suggest the barrels-siphoned off type, it can clean the closestool rapidly and also can saving water.

Water tank: The main problem of water tank is water leaking. It is hard to judge whether the water tank is leaking or not beside it have water drops obviously.

How to check: Drop some blue ink in to water tank, mix it up with water and check the water outlet, if there are blue water coming out, the water tank is leaking.

Space: The space between the pipe and the wall. It is important to measure the space in order to choose the right size of closestool to suit the space. The unloading pipe under the ground usually has 3 different sizes of space:200mm,300mm or 400mm; (Innoci closestool have a movable bottom which can suit any size of space) if the unloading pipe is on the wall, should consider the height between the pipe and the ground, the height is usually 180mm in the market.

3、How do I choose a wash basin

Wash basin is usually make from ceramics, cast iron enameled, enameled pressed steel, waterstone and so on. Following the development of building materials’ technology, there are lots of new materials like glass fiber reinforced plastics, manu-marble, man-made agate, stainless steel and so on. There are many types of wash basins, however, all of those have a same standard: smooth and shiny surface, impermeable, corrosion resistance, heat-cold resistance, easy to clean and long life cycle. Thus, the quality of wash basin should be mainly considered. The high quality one always have a smooth and shiny glazing, no needles, bubbles, peeling and even luster everywhere of the basin; the sound is very clear if knocking it. On the other hand, the low quality one usually have needles, bubbles, peeling and uneven luster even irregular shape, there is depressing sound if knocking it.


1.    Model

The origin models of wash basins are including table model and pallet model. From this two models, there are many extension such as on-table model, half-in-table model, in-table model, half pallet model and whole pallet model.

2.    Right model

According to the bathroom’s size to chose the right type. If a large space to be stocked things is needed, can choose on-table model or in-table model which providing more space to use and have enough space to stock things. If it want to save space and don’t need a cabinet, half-pallet basin or on-wall basin is good choice.

3.    Faucet

Faucet should be consider when purchasing the wash basin, most basin will reserve a space to install a single port hybrid faucet; if it require a hot-cold water system, it need a triple port space; some wash basin can install single/triple port faucet, but it need to open the reserve port, customer can ask the supplier to open it, or it may break the basin by yourself.

4.    Two unloading systems

The unloading system is usually selling in a set with the faucet. However, if the faucet doesn’t have an unloading system, it need to purchase separately. The unloading system has two types: automatic or manual operation. If the wash basin has no discharge holes, it should use the automatic unloading system, it can avoid the water logging when someone forgot to turn the faucet off.

5.    Height

The height is an important index to a wash basin, it will make the user feel tired if the basin is too high or too low, especially for the pallet wash basin, should consider the height after installing. For Chinese family, the average height is about165cm-175cm, for the comfortable using, the basin should leave the ground about75cm–85cm. If there are children in the family, should also consider about their using convenience. 

4、How do I choose a bathroom cabinet

1.     When purchasing the bathroom cabinet, one should not only consider about the size, model and color, but also this three issues: dampproof, waterproof and mothproof. Therefore, the quality of the product will be affected by its raw material, the cabinet always made from dampproof materials.

2.     There are many different kinds of materials used to produce the cabinet, for example, natural stone, man made stone, board fireproofing, faking finish, glass, metal and solid wood; base material is the main body of the cabinet, it is covered by the plane materiel. Base material should be dampproof, mothproof and hard to be out of shape or rot; accessories should be waterproof, dampproof and rust-proof. Use rust protection material like galvanize surface. The structure must be smooth and stable.

3.     The set up of bathroom cabinet is linked closely to the area size of bathroom, big area should install a big but suitable one, small area should be including all the function needed. However, the main point is always convenience.

4.     There are more and more function required in order to meet the customers’ need. Including the basic function: stock stuff, there are still many supporting facilities needed, such as mirror, lights and frames. The more elements which fill of innervations and fashions the locker has, the more attraction can be provided to the customers.

5、How do I choose a bathtub

Design sorts : No skirt cylinder and skirt cylinder; Styles of heart-shaped, round, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc. According to the functional points in common bathtub, massage bathtub, etc. Massage bathtubs include sit bubble type, spa massage bathtub, air massage bathtub, etc. According to materials including iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, steel plates, artificial stone, etc.

1. Acrylic bathtub has the larger market share, acrylic Material surface is poly methyl propionate, and the back is gypsum and fiberglass resins. The advantage of which is easy molding, good thermal insulation, gloss, light weight, easy installation, rich color change. As a result of above characteristic, acrylic bathtub cost cheaper. But in terms of relative ceramic and enamel, acrylic material has disadvantage of which is easily residual stains, noiser when water inject, high temperature resistant, wear-resisting, poor ability of surface aging, but the quality of imported acrylic bathtub relatively better.

2. Cast iron bathtub is long-service life, high quality, easy to clean. Due to its thick cylinder wall, cast iron bathtub is good in heat preservation, as well as its glossiness. Which owns the longest service life of the three kinds of bathtub. Cast iron bathtub acid-proof alkaline abrasion resistance are better than similar products, its weight is also considerable, so  it’s difficult for transport , also because of many factors, cast iron is the most expensive, which is much more expensive than acrylic bathtub and the steel bathtub.
3. Steel bathtub is made of a certain thickness of the steel plate of which surface plates enamel. Which has the advantages such as impatient dirty ,easy to clean, not easy fade, lasting sheen, easily forming, and cost cheap. But because of the steel plate is thin, so it’s not strong enough, noisy, easy to take off the porcelain surface, heat preservation performance is not good, so some added insulation layer.

4. Hydraulic massage bathtub can make use of circulating water, but it need electronic power as energy. Massage bathtub is higher in price, as well as high requirements for water and electricity installation.

5. Take full account of the size of your bathroom pattern when purchasing bathtub.