1、Faucet water supply problem

1.    Check if the valve is on the Max or not;

2.    Check the water gage is normal or not;

3.    Is there anything block the bubbler?

4.    Cold and heat supply pipe is curve or not.

2、Toilet problems

Situation 1: No water when flushing (or less water).

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Closing valve (Open the valve)

2)     Low water level in water tank (spin up the float bowl)

3)     Sediments in strainer (clean strainer)

4)     Mandril is out of shape (replace the mandril)

Situation 2: Can not stop the water flow

Reason (Handle method):

1)     The water level in water tank over the warning pipe (spin down the float bowl)

Situation 3: Water tank leakage

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Broken seal ring (replace seal ring)

2)     Low water level in water tank (tighten up screws)

Attention: If the problem can not be fixed after following the steps above, try to contact the retailer or the supplier.

3、Bathtub problems

Situation 1: The control panel is not working after turn on the power.

Reasons (Handling method):

1)     The control panel is not connecting the power supply. (Check the circuit and connect the power supply)

2)     Leakage protector switch off. (Restart the leakage protector)

3)     Broken control panel. (Replace control panel)

4)     Broken controller. (Replace controller)

Situation 2: Some nozzles are not working after turn on the pump.

Reasons (Handling method):

1)     Nozzle is covered. (spin the cover in anti-clockwise to open the cover)

2)     Nozzle is blocking. (Clean the clog)

3)     The bump is blocking. (Clean the clog in the bump )

Situation 3: The control panel is lighting up but the buttons have no responding.

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Broken control panel (Replace control panel)

2)     Broken controller (Replace controller)

Situation 4: The control panel is working but the ‘Bump’ function keys have no responding.

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Water level is too low. (Inject water over the maximum about 50mm)

2)     The cable connecting to the bump is damaged. (Check the cables)

3)     Broken controller (Replace controller)

4)     Broken bump (Replace bump)

5)     The starting capacitance of bump is broken. (Replace the capacitance)

6)     Broken water level senor. (Replace water level senor)

Situation 5: The bump can not turn off after pressing the button on control panel.

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Broken control panel (Replace control panel)

2)     Broken controller (Replace controller)

Situation 6: The temperature of water in the bathtub is reducing when bump is working.

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Thermostat is turned off. (Turn on thermostat)

2)     The cable connecting to the thermostat is damaged. (Check the cables)

3)     Broken thermostat. (Replace thermostat)

4)     Broken controller (Replace controller)

Situation 7: Nozzle is too weak to work.

Reason (Handle method):

1)     Nozzle is blocking. (Clean the clog)

2)     The bump is blocking. (Clean the clog in the bump )

3)     The bump is leaking. (Tighten the nuts of in port and out port)

Situation 8: The bump is still working although the water level is lower than the nozzle.
Reason (Handle method):

1)     Broken water level senor. (Replace water level senor)

2)     Broken controller (Replace controller)

4、Warranty Clause

1、The warranty clause apply to the production manufacture and sell in Innoci’s.
2、The warranty clause only apply to the firsthand consumer (hereinafter reffered to as consumer) purchase from the Innoci’s franchise or authorization agency.
3、Please read in detail before usage.
  Innoci company assume limited warranty to consumer in following situation:

During warranty period, we responsible to repair or replace with the same type product (or the similar type if there is no same, Innoci company owns the explanation) if the production’s damaged by material or manufacture.

  Limited warranty only applies to the firsthand consumer who buys the Innoci’s faucet product for family use only(noncommercial use).
4、warranty period

  The designation and procedures of Innoci product have been approved by  Germany TUV-SUD ISO9001 which is known by its strict examination as International quality . Innoci product is good in function when it’s used properly and maintained accoding to Innoci’s maintenance instruction.
    (1)Faucet is backed by a five-year limited warranty.  
    (2)Ceramic product is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
    (3)Bathroom furniture is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
    (4)Bathtub and electronic inductor is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Innoci company is responsible to repair or replace if found it's defect product.

5、The consumer bears all the expenses for sending the product to Innoci's maintenance department or its authorized maintenance point.

6、The maintenance service is not applied to the consumer(that is to say warranty clause could not be applied )that if ever situation below occurs:

(1)If the damage is caused by using the non-Innoci replacement parts for production, not proper usage、maintainment or repairment (whether these mistakes are caused by pipe mechanic, contracting the personage inside course of study, or the user's family members).

(2)Innoci hereby made it clear that company is not responsible for the cost of maintenance personnel, losses caused by installation, repairment or replacement, also is not responsible for causing damage.If quality dispute occurs, in accordance with the national standards for acceptance.
 (3)Excessive water pressure is insufficient, the impurities in the water and the problems caused by improper use and cleaning will be outside the scope of guarantee scope. Warranty does not include no listing of the cost of repairment and spare parts, also does not include installation fee.
(4)Normal abrasion is caused by drip loss and change. The normal care such as normal nursing needs regular replacement of gasket seal rings etc.
(5)Applied to the regional specification required responsibility. (Because vary widely around the specification, especially the dealer, the installation contractor and consumers who should decide whether to accommodate installation specification or switch to special products).
7 、If you need this warranty service, please contact the local Innoci sanitary dealers, or call the service hotline: +86(20)3902 0328, indicating the product model, at the same time, attach a valid purchase products effective purchase invoice which is refers to the unified supervision by the department of fiscal and taxation invoice. Which is effective for products sold by the average time that the seller shall be noted on the invoice seal marketing to sell the products name specifications bar code amount, etc.

8、During the warranty period, Innoci company would provide service according to the seriousness of the problem of product defect or quality problem. After the warranty expires, Innoci company or its authorized maintenance station will provide paid maintenance services.
9、During the warranty period, when the product quality problem occurs, the consumer suggested to take the above measures.

5、Toilet maintenance

1、Do not stand or put heavy things on it, so as not to damage toilet seat.
2、Hard things should be avoided from hitting the surface of the product directly. Ceramic surface especially for the R Angle, requires the other container not on the ceramic surface friction, so as not to scratch glaze.
3、When using the fission implement, please do not forcibly back against the water tank , in order to avoid water tank cracking.
1、Please use neutral detergent when cleaning or wet soft cloth to scrub.
2、Do not use steel wire brush, micro fiber cloth, such as supplies cleaning,in case of wearing  implement surface.
1、You should regularly clean the filter on the cistern fittings within the inlet valve.
2、When not in use for a long time, please close Angle valve and put the water tank of water.

6、Bathroom cabinet maintenance

1. Installing a bathroom cabinet, please read carefully the bathroom ark installation instruction first. Install feet inches according to the installation as far as possible, method and form a complete set of fittings installed correctly.
2. Try to keep the toilet clean, ventilate, and avoid too much time in the sun.
3. Try to keep the toilet clean and the cabinet dry.
4. Please don't flush the cabinet directly with water and you can use dry cloth to wipe it clean,
5. Installation of pressure pipe and outlet pipe should be connected densely, ensure no leakage, and least affect cabinet should be inspected regularly.
6. Metal shake hands handle, towel rod or bracket part, regularly with wax product maintenance,
7. Please do not contact with heat source in excess of60 . Paint part to avoid scratched and bruised.
8. Man-made stone mesa, if carelessly being scratched, you can use more than 800# water sand paper or micro fiber cloth gently wipe the surface scratch, so it can recover.
9. Avoid the use of other chemical solution on products.
10. Bath cabinet and drawer in the process of transportation due to shock or bumps, door or drawer position may be slight deviations, and make the drawer or door movement is not smooth, can be adjusted according to the drawer slides Ann method and hinge installation adjusting method is to use a screwdriver to adjust 

7、Faucet maintenance

Attention: Before replace or remove the faucet, first of all must cut off the water then open the faucet, release the pressure, and check the water, to make sure it’s completely shutted off.

Please often or regularly make cleaning to keep the faucet surface bright, please follow the following procedure to clean:

1、Using water and soft cloth, as far as possible to remove surface dirt and scale membrane.

2、Use any of the following cleaner to remove surface dirt and scale membrane:
    Use mild liquid detergent.
    Use Clear glass cleaning agent which has the effects of grinding and can be completely dissolved powder detergent (mixed and according to the manufacturing instructions.
     Use not including polishing liquid abrasive action.
     Do not use detergent with grinding effect is, emery cloth or paper towel.
     Do not use any is acidic cleaner polishing abrasive or rough detergent or soap.

3、When cleaning is finished, please immediately with water to remove all detergent, and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.

4、regularly remove the bubble head of the faucet and wash to remove impurities, avoid toaffect the water

8、Maintenance of shower room

1、Please do not to let the child、the old and the mobility enter the shower room alone.

2、Please do not climb the shower room or hang weight on it.

3、Please do not use hard objects to rub or knock on the shower room, in case of damage.

4、Please do avoid glowing cigarette get close or its ash falling on shower basin of real estate, in case of fire or damage of goods.

5、Please note that the fall of on any account when entering the shower room, so as to avoid being tripped.

6、Please do not put hand (s) into the crack of the door when entering the shower room, , so as to avoid injury.

7、Please be careful to prevent slippery cause by the usual soap water in Shower room.

8、shower room should be kept well ventilated to avoid moisture long stay in the shower room, which cause mould and produce peculiar smell.

9、When cleaning, please use neutral liquid detergent and soft cloth scrub, do not use acid, strong alkali cleaner water alcohol acetone aqua ammonia that day and other organic solvent and strong detergent more is strictly prohibited.

10、scale occurred on the bottom basin can be eliminlated by soft cloth with a little toothpaste erasure.

11、After glass sealant loss, can lead to leakage so, once off, please be sure to catch up on again

12、Please keep the chassis clean, in order to avoid such as hair debris blocked drain