Innoci Green

In recent years environmental friendly and energy-saving concepts have been very important for all kinds of designs. Designers have considered many factors such as production materials and techniques, and most importantly, the functions of the products. Producing green energy-saving products has become the trend of bathroom design. Therefore, we make WELS (Water Saving Standard) as the basic criteria for innoci products.


innoci green
Save Water. Save energy. Converse resources. How bothersome and bleak that sounds! Yet many of innoci´s groundbreaking technologies prove that a hands-on sense of responsibility can be invigorating - not only for the environment but also for you. Innoci products have been certified by Singapore WELS. Green innoci makes a better world tomorrow.
innoci wels innoci, a German company manufacturing products that allow water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly, demonstrates in this manner a commitment to preserving natural resources and environmentally- friendly production. innoci manufactures products that allow water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly and therefore demonstrates its commitment to preserving natural resources. It therefore places priority on environmentally-friendly production, using energy and raw materials sparingly at all levels of production – from development to marketing.

Avoidance comes before recycling. innoci thus helps customers to live in harmony with the environment and reduce energy costs. Our products therefore also feature the latest energy and watersaving technologies, such as the newest generation of watersaving WCs: several innoci toilets flush using an optional 4.5 or 3 liters dual flush system as opposed to 6 or 3 liters conventional WCs.