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Complete Guide to Choosing a Intelligent Toilet


Many homeowners, before purchasing anintelligent toilet, grapple with the decision of "whether to opt for anintegrated intelligent toilet or an intelligent toilet seat cover?" Post-installation, some regret features they missed ordidn't need! Yet, over time, users become soaccustomed to every feature of the intelligent toilet, they find it hard to revert to a "regular" toilet! This guide aims toclarify common concerns about choosing an intelligent toilet, offering helpfulinsights for those planning home renovations.

  • 01 Integrated Intelligent Toilets/Toilet Seat Covers

For those withexisting high-tank toilets, an intelligent toilet seat cover is your mostcost-effective and straightforward option.  For those planningrenovations or open to replacing their toilets, the intelligent integratedtoilet is your best choice for its high cost-effectiveness!

In terms of aesthetics, integrated toilets with lowor no tank designs boast superior visual appeal! The seamless integration of the ceramic and seat cover parts resultsin better fitting and minimal gaps.

The perfect arc makes it the brightest star inany bathroom

Functionally,everything an intelligent toilet cover can do, an integrated toilet can alsodo. However, the reverse isn't always true. Forinstance, integrated models might offer unseat automatic flush orautomatic-induction flushing, enhancing convenience.

Automatic-induction flushing adds conveniencewithout the need to bend over

  • 02 Low Water Pressure Solutions

When choosing anintelligent (integrated) toilet, flushing power is a key consideration,especially for models with specific water pressure needs, which requires manualwater pressure testing. Advances in technology have ledto the continuous upgrade of intelligent toilet pumps. For example, the modelbelow employs Venturi principle-based, water-saving, dual-effect flushingtechnology. It provides robust flushing power adaptable to varying waterpressures, making manual water pressure testing unnecessary. This is ideal forolder neighborhoods, self-built houses, and high-rises, even during peak waterusage.

The upgraded power pump delivers efficient andwater-saving flush

Each flush generates two siphon actions,thoroughly removing waste from the toilet for a residue-free finish. Operatingat a dynamic pressure of 0.09MPA, it meets national level 2 water efficiencystandards.

Enhance the water momentum for a more powerfulflush

  • 03 Seat Ring Scald Protection

Seat heating, a basicfeature of intelligent toilets, is often overlooked during purchase. A superiorseat should offer uniform heat distribution, with temperature-controlledcircuitry and active overheating protection to prevent scalding at extremetemperatures.

Precise temperature controll for balanced warmth
  • 04 Stored Heat vs. Instant Heat

It's essential tounderstand the difference between stored heat and instant heat in the cleaningfunction.

Stored heat involvesheating water in a tank within the intelligent toilet cover. Oncethe hot water in the tank is used, it takes about 3 to 4 minutes to reheat.

Instant heat, bycontrast, quickly heats water as it flows through the ceramic heater.

For health, safety,and energy savings, instant heat intelligent toilets are preferable. Thoughstored heat models are more budget-friendly.

Instant heating provides immediate warmth,eliminating cold water and wait times

  • 05 Cleaning Function

Intelligent toiletsfeature either dual or single cleaning wands, each with advantages anddisadvantages.

Dual wands rely on water pressure for extension,offering robust water flow, but the flow's position can vary due to pressuredifferences.

Single wand, typically motor-driven, allow foradjustable length and position via a remote control, including a back-and-forthmotion for comprehensive cleaning.

The nozzle automatically cleans itself beforeand after each use

  • 06 Drying Function

Not all intelligent toilets come with a dryingfunction, yet it's a highly beneficial feature for home use.  Following a wash,a warm air stream comfortably dries the area, maintaining cleanliness anddryness.

Adjustable warm air ensures a dry, comfortableexperience

The Bottom Line

These fundamentalfeatures of intelligent toilets (integrated models) are key considerations whenmaking a purchase.Advanced intelligent toilets offer more than thesebasics, including features like sensor-operated lids, foam shields, airpurification, body detection, and more.

We believe, as technology evolves, more featureswill emerge. However, the essence remains the same: more features don'tnecessarily mean better. Ease of use and personal suitability are paramount.

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