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How do I choose a cabinet


1.     When purchasing the bathroom cabinet, one should not only consider about the size, model and color, but also this three issues: dampproof, waterproof and mothproof. Therefore, the quality of the product will be affected by its raw material, the cabinet always made from dampproof materials.

2.     There are many different kinds of materials used to produce the cabinet, for example, natural stone, man made stone, board fireproofing, faking finish, glass, metal and solid wood; base material is the main body of the cabinet, it is covered by the plane materiel. Base material should be dampproof, mothproof and hard to be out of shape or rot; accessories should be waterproof, dampproof and rust-proof. Use rust protection material like galvanize surface. The structure must be smooth and stable.

3.     The set up of bathroom cabinet is linked closely to the area size of bathroom, big area should install a big but suitable one, small area should be including all the function needed. However, the main point is always convenience.

4.     There are more and more function required in order to meet the customers’ need. Including the basic function: stock stuff, there are still many supporting facilities needed, such as mirror, lights and frames. The more elements which fill of innervations and fashions the locker has, the more attraction can be provided to the customers. 

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