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How do I choose a bathtub


Design sorts : No skirt cylinder and skirt cylinder; Styles of heart-shaped, round, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc. According to the functional points in common bathtub, massage bathtub, etc. Massage bathtubs include sit bubble type, spa massage bathtub, air massage bathtub, etc. According to materials including iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, steel plates, artificial stone, etc.

1. Acrylic bathtub has the larger market share, acrylic Material surface is poly methyl propionate, and the back is gypsum and fiberglass resins. The advantage of which is easy molding, good thermal insulation, gloss, light weight, easy installation, rich color change. As a result of above characteristic, acrylic bathtub cost cheaper. But in terms of relative ceramic and enamel, acrylic material has disadvantage of which is easily residual stains, noiser when water inject, high temperature resistant, wear-resisting, poor ability of surface aging, but the quality of imported acrylic bathtub relatively better.

2. Cast iron bathtub is long-service life, high quality, easy to clean. Due to its thick cylinder wall, cast iron bathtub is good in heat preservation, as well as its glossiness. Which owns the longest service life of the three kinds of bathtub. Cast iron bathtub acid-proof alkaline abrasion resistance are better than similar products, its weight is also considerable, so  it’s difficult for transport , also because of many factors, cast iron is the most expensive, which is much more expensive than acrylic bathtub and the steel bathtub.
3. Steel bathtub is made of a certain thickness of the steel plate of which surface plates enamel. Which has the advantages such as impatient dirty ,easy to clean, not easy fade, lasting sheen, easily forming, and cost cheap. But because of the steel plate is thin, so it’s not strong enough, noisy, easy to take off the porcelain surface, heat preservation performance is not good, so some added insulation layer.

4. Hydraulic massage bathtub can make use of circulating water, but it need electronic power as energy. Massage bathtub is higher in price, as well as high requirements for water and electricity installation.

5. Take full account of the size of your bathroom pattern when purchasing bathtub. 

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