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Bathroom cabinet maintenance


1. Installing a bathroom cabinet, please read carefully the bathroom ark installation instruction first. Install feet inches according to the installation as far as possible, method and form a complete set of fittings installed correctly.
2. Try to keep the toilet clean, ventilate, and avoid too much time in the sun.
3. Try to keep the toilet clean and the cabinet dry.
4. Please don't flush the cabinet directly with water and you can use dry cloth to wipe it clean,
5. Installation of pressure pipe and outlet pipe should be connected densely, ensure no leakage, and least affect cabinet should be inspected regularly.
6. Metal shake hands handle, towel rod or bracket part, regularly with wax product maintenance,
7. Please do not contact with heat source in excess of60 ℃. Paint part to avoid scratched and bruised.
8. Man-made stone mesa, if carelessly being scratched, you can use more than 800# water sand paper or micro fiber cloth gently wipe the surface scratch, so it can recover.
9. Avoid the use of other chemical solution on products.
10. Bath cabinet and drawer in the process of transportation due to shock or bumps, door or drawer position may be slight deviations, and make the drawer or door movement is not smooth, can be adjusted according to the drawer slides Ann method and hinge installation adjusting method is to use a screwdriver to adjust  
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