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Faucet maintenance


Attention: Before replace or remove the faucet, first of all must cut off the water then open the faucet, release the pressure, and check the water, to make sure it’s completely shutted off.

Please often or regularly make cleaning to keep the faucet surface bright, please follow the following procedure to clean:

1、Using water and soft cloth, as far as possible to remove surface dirt and scale membrane.

2、Use any of the following cleaner to remove surface dirt and scale membrane:
    Use mild liquid detergent.
    Use Clear glass cleaning agent which has the effects of grinding and can be completely dissolved powder detergent (mixed and according to the manufacturing instructions.
     Use not including polishing liquid abrasive action.
     Do not use detergent with grinding effect is, emery cloth or paper towel.
     Do not use any is acidic cleaner polishing abrasive or rough detergent or soap.

3、When cleaning is finished, please immediately with water to remove all detergent, and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.

4、regularly remove the bubble head of the faucet and wash to remove impurities, avoid toaffect the water 

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